Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Reliving The Memory: World War Ii Items Worth Collecting

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In memory of my father and the hundred thousand troops who fought for America, World War II items and memorabilia enable people to keep their memories alive—to relive the honor and pride our soldiers have brought to our country.

My father joined the U.S. Army when he migrated from Hannover at the start of World War II. After his death, I continued collecting items from different parts of the country. For those who want to start a collection, here are some items to consider:

Vintage photos. If you are a visual collector, vintage photos taken during World War II can be a great starting point. You can find a lot of them online with replicas starting from $5. If you are looking for something more authentic, however, get ready to spare hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Autographed photos of famed generals like General Eisenhower, General Patton, and General MacArthur can be worth thousands of dollars apiece.

Uniforms. American and German uniforms are widely available for purchase at online stores like eBay. They come in many styles from a variety of countries. Some of the most popular uniforms include jacket, shirt, and trousers. Other items like helmets and cuffs are also available but are more expensive ranging from $1,500 to $4,000 or more.

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Medals. Considered among the most versatile types of World War II memorabilia, medals can serve as a reminder of the sacrifices made by our soldiers. They come in very small sizes, which make an ideal collector’s item for those who want to save space.

World War II items bring back lot memories about our past as well as lessons about honor and pride. These items serve as a reminder of our history that helped shape what our country is today.

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