Thursday, April 30, 2015

Eyes on the prize: Euro 2016

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It was difficult to watch the current world number one-ranked team in its friendly match against Australia just recently. For long-time fans and supporters, it’s worrisome to compare the highly efficient German machine that it was in the World Cup to the recent sloppy performance that made for an ‘exciting’ exhibition match.

While coach Joachim Löw admitted that much of what the team showed that night wasn’t to his liking, he also expressed that he isn’t overly worried about the outcome. As he answered post-match interviews, it was apparent that he and the team were trying out new things. This sort of experimentation, I might add, could eventually lead to some great results despite many of them not initially working out as well as expected.

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Notably, Germany will be traveling to Georgia for a Euro qualifier. Löw has plans to delay the addition of new talent into the squad until the next season as the team eyed its next big international title. Several candidates for the senior team, he said, first needed to prove themselves at the end of the season at the European Under-21 Championship in the Czech Republic. As he promised, however, the reshuffling will happen in the summer and the players who do well with the Under-21s will join the senior team. Löw’s plan seems centered on allowing the team to improve and have more flexibility as it prepares for Euro 2016.

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