Friday, August 14, 2015

Training and Conditioning: Fitness Areas Soccer Players Should Focus On

Soccer (or football, if you prefer) is one of the most popular sports today, if not the most popular. For those who would want to train to become soccer players, here are the different components of fitness involved in this sport:
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The soccer field is a wide area, and playing can be extremely exhausting. For this reason, soccer players must have a reliable cardiovascular system and muscular endurance. Stamina training like running for at least an hour at a time can help in building an athlete’s endurance. 

Speed and agility

In soccer, the faster players have an obvious competitive edge. But running fast is not enough; good soccer players can create intense, short bursts of speed and are also able to change direction quickly. Practicing power movements like jump squats, high pulls, and push presses is an effective way to improve speed and explosiveness.  


While some may argue that strength isn’t needed for soccer, the truth is actually the opposite. As stated earlier, strength is the foundation of speed and power. Players also need strength to fend off tackles from opponents. Furthermore, strength training provides players more energy that they can use in the games.
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Soccer players move in a wide array of motions. But if the athletes aren’t careful, these movements may cause them injuries. By improving flexibility via stretch exercises and mobility drills, players can minimize injury incidences.

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