Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Die Roten Moments: Soccer Spectacle the Hannover 96 Way

Hannover 96 is a German professional soccer club currently playing in Bundesliga, the country’s top-flight soccer league. Although the team has been struggling to barge into the top half for the past two seasons, it is still among the most entertaining squads to root for in the German soccer scene. Below are some of the team’s most unforgettable moments on the turf: 

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1. Jan Schlaudraff scores a goal against Hamburg
In late 2011, Hannover 96 had a tough but intriguing tourney against Hamburg. The opposing team has taken the lead, threatening the record set by the Hannover 96 of being unbeaten at home for the season. With Drobny, who netted Hamburg’s opener, being in a terrific form that night, the team found it difficult to score against their opponents. However, Schlaudraff was able to secure a magnificent goal right in front of the net, ending the game in a draw and ultimately protecting their home record. 

2. The win against Bayern Munich
Bayern Munich is the top team in the league as of the moment (in fact, for the most of Bundesliga’s history). Fans would not be expecting the number one seed to be beaten out easily by underdogs. However, the seemingly meek Die Roten was able to pull off a show against Bayern, beating them right on their home ground during one of their matches in the 2010-11 season. 

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3. The playoff leg against Sevilla
Fans were absolutely ecstatic about this game. Tickets were practically sold out almost immediately. Online servers were crashing because of the massive traffic that they were getting. Spanish side Sevilla was the clear favorite between this match-up because of its history in UEFA. Despite the intense pressure, an underrated Hannover team was able to defeat an absolute behemoth in the field. 

Hey guys, John Eilermann here, soccer fan and Hannover’s biggest supporter. More about our favorite team can be read here.

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