Monday, May 30, 2016

How To Take Care Of Your Wwii Memorabilia

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Collecting WWII memorabilia extends beyond looking for them in stores. It is also about making them last. Unfortunately, many people do not know the basics of memorabilia care. These simple techniques can dramatically lengthen the lifespan of each artifact – ensuring the collector’s pleasure for longer.

Understand what is involved: Memorabilia comes in different materials. One of the hardest materials to care for is leather because it fades quite quickly. An important tip when dealing with leather is knowing how badly damaged the material is, if ever. To do this, apply a leather dressing solution using a Q-tip around the area (preferably in a hidden area). If the area darkens, then the leather needs to be retouched. There are local stores that deal with leather restoration. The memorabilia though may have to be kept in a glass container. This applies to other materials as well.

Consider storage and framing: Most WWII memorabilia are posters and paper clippings. These items are extremely delicate and need proper storage. A good tip is to store these paper items in an acid-free scrapbook. Glassine paper sleeves turn acidic after a few years, so it is good not to place expensive memorabilia in these containers.
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The most important suggestion is to speak with one’s supplier. Most WWII memorabilia are bought from fellow collectors themselves. They understand how to care for properly their items in the best way possible. Remember that memorabilia of considerable value should be well-taken cared for, if the purpose is reselling. Intrinsic value does decrease with age and any form of damage.

John Eilermann is an avid WWII memorabilia collector. Learn more tips and tricks about keeping them intact by following this Twitter account.

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