Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Striker’s Striker: Jurgen Klinsmann

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Jurgen Klinsmann was the head coach of the United States men’s national soccer team. That was his last gig. He has also been a football manager in Germany. But for a host of German fans, he will always be the quintessential football striker.

Klinsmann’s athletic prowess combined with his keen sense of the goal and his killer instinct make for the perfect striker. Just like the perfect predator or assassin, Klinsmann utilized all these abilities and struck into the hearts of opponents’ defenses time and time again. The first time he suited up for the West German team was in 1987. Upon his retirement, Klinsmann had 108 caps, which was 4th overall. He also scored 47 goals in the highest levels of competition for the national team, which was good enough to put him in 4th place alongside Rudi Voller.

Image source: pinterest.com
He won the 1990 FIFA World Cup with the West German team besting the Diego Maradona-led Argentina, and six years later, led the German team to the UEFA European Championship. He scored in all the major international tourneys that he played in, and in 1995, was third overall for the FIFA World Player of the Year.

In 2004, Klinsmann received yet another honor, when FIFA recognized him as one of the 125 Greatest Living Footballers. That in itself is a testament to the legendary striker that is Jurgen Klinsmann.

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